Turning Point

by Enzo Kreft

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rob de bodt Wat laat gekocht... Maar binnenkort volop in "Matinéé 80". Super album! Congrats, Rob
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released November 20, 2016

All lyrics and music by Enzo Kreft. All instruments played by Enzo Kreft. Recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Enzo Kreft at home (2016). Visual artwork: Enzo Kreft.
℗ & © 2016 Enzo Kreft



all rights reserved


Enzo Kreft Mechelen, Belgium

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Track Name: You Better Sleep With One Eye Open
You better watch out my friend
You maybe don't understand
What's on its way...

Nasty wolves in sheep's clothing rule the land
A bunch of dirty assholes is leading the command
Things will soon get better, that's what they pretend
But they all defend their own interests in the end

You better sleep
With one eye open
You better sleep
With one eye open

You better stay awake my friend
For your own sake my friend
Don't turn off the light

They'll put a chip under your skin to track the moves you make
They'll follow you and register every step you take
They'll catch you and they'll poison you like a rattlesnake
Beware my friend, for the scum, beware and stay awake!

You better sleep
With one eye open
You better sleep
With one eye open
Track Name: I Am The Cockroach
I am the cockroach
I'm living in the wasteland
On the edge of the city
Near the trash dump
There are no more humans here
And I don't care at all
I'm indestructible
'Cause I'm the cockroach

I am the cockroach
I survived the disaster
'Cause I'm resistant
To atomic radiation
I'm reproducing fast
And I will rule the world
I'll be the leader now
Yes, I'm the cockroach
Track Name: Hypnotized
We're living in a matrix
We're moving in a grid
We're part of a giant structure
We don't know how to quit

We're all hypnotized by that blue electric light

We're swallowing the blue pills
We're all dystopian slaves
Illusions keep us quiet
We stay in Plato's cave

We're all hypnotized by that blue electric light
Track Name: We're Breaking Out
We're sick and tired of the crap
We don't take it anymore
We will change the game now
Yes, we'll open up the doors
We'll leave the cocoon of the nation state today
We've reached a turning point
It's time to choose another way

We're breaking out
As walls come tumbling down

Governments will crack
And then the systems will fall down
Real democratic forces
They will make the difference now
Well, here's a new sound
Coming up from the underground
Monuments of darkness
They will all be taken down

We're breaking out
As walls come tumbling down
Track Name: Before I Go
I'd like to walk with you to the bay
That would be such a perfect day
Wining and dining, making fun
Spending the afternoon in the sun
Watching the clouds moving by
Remembering some old lullaby
Listening to the evening birds
Telling each other precious words

I'd like to talk with you all night long
As we did when we were young
Sitting by the riverside
Waiting for the morning light
Drinking a few bottles of wine
Just biding our time, that would be fine
Listening to the morning birds
Saying precious words
Before I go

Before I go...
Track Name: The Walk
Shady lanes and stony paths
Up and down the hills
Walk across the fields of maize
Cloudless skies

Roads are melting in the heat
Buzzing of the bees
Crossing rivers to forget